Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar

Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Picture

Tungsten copper alloy bar is integrates the advantages of tungsten and copper, within which tungsten's melting point is higher( about 3410 ℃) and density is larger (about 19.34g/cm3). Tungsten copper alloy is easy to be machined, and is widely used in spaceflight, aviation, electron, electronic power, metallurgy, mechanism etc.

Tungsten copper alloy has different objects, such as rod, flat, bar, square, circle, ring, pipe, tube, bush and so on. And tungsten copper alloy bar is a kind of tungsten copper alloy, whose shape is bar, its transverse surface could be polygon, round or any other shape that you want. Chinatungsten supply tungsten copper alloy bar of high physical and mechanical properties, and we cut it to customers' desired lengths in diameters between 50.8mm to 19050mm. In addition, we set from Dia.1mm to Dia. 60mm, length 200mm tungsten copper alloy bar as standard. What's more, Chinatungsten offer three different surface processes or finishes according to your demand: black, cleaned and ground.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar, the advantages of:

High conductivity, high temperature sintering, and melting refined copper are from the process of composite materials. In addition, there are arc off a good performance, good thermal conductivity, thermal expansion of small, high-temperature non-softening, high-intensity, high-density, high hardness and so on.